ASP .NET Session

Session On ASP .NET for MCA Students By Eram Wahab

JAVA Session

Session On Java for MCA Students BySuraj Seth & Ramesh Singh

Carrer Planning Session

Career Planning Session For MCA Students BySaumya Srivastava & Rahul Kumar Mishra

Upcoming Session

Session On Git & Github.

Upcoming Session

Session on PHP & Mysql.

Upcoming Session

Session On Machine Learning Fundamentals.

Developing COVID - HELPER Application and Designing COVID Warrior Community Detector and Metric Design.

Build social media apps related to blogging and micro-blogging platform to allow bloggers create and publish text and media content.

Empower your business today, with our AI consulting, and implement Artificial Intelligence models specific to your industry, be it healthcare, advertising, capital market, or any other niche. With AI implementation, we take your entire business pipeline to a phase where your key functions start improving efficiency through intelligent tech. The primary goal of AI is to automate and simplify repetitive tasks for more real and rapid growth.

Our sentiment analysis solutions tell you what customers say about your company, products and services; right from flame detection (bad rant) to new product or brand perception, and your brand image. Our solutions empower companies and enterprises to better understand customers and deliver products and services that best fit their needs.

Build robust Enterprise data management platform. Store and manage your structured & unstructured data. Uncover unknown correlations and hidden patterns. Get business-critical insights in real-time.

Utilize your enterprise data effectively by implementing Data science and Machine Learning solutions. Enable high-value predictions and intelligent actions. Extend your business with AI integration.

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